How We Started Out

I am fairly new to the world of Tabletop Roleplay gaming and 3D resin printing. After stumbling upon a sale advertisement for a 3D printer right after purchasing my first "Player's Handbook" I knew that something was telling me to whip out my credit card again and never look back.

After countless detestable creations that could barely be called 3D miniatures and an immeasurable amount of UV Resin I was about to come to terms with the mindset of "this is as good as this will ever get. It is a consumer printer, the files are generic. This is the quality it will be and I just need to get used to it." I stumbled upon a Pandora's Box of morbid and fiendish minded creators that were bringing to life these creatures as if they were plucking them straight from the nightmares of screaming children.

I doubled down and started dedicating legitimate time to the supporting/printing process because I earnestly wanted to pay the proper respect that these models deserved and have them displayed as the pieces of art they truly are.

This shop wouldn't be in existence if it wasn't for the insistent urging of friends and loved ones. I do not think I am doing anything special, I just feel that the beauty of these miniatures and the atmosphere they create should be respected and fully preserved and presented in every print.

I also did not realize how enjoyable a Roleplaying Tabletop campaign could be until I experienced one first hand. Each person creates this thing and this world that has imparted a personality on this thing. This made up jumble of words becomes a palpable entity that everyone can experience and enjoy. It is only enhanced and lifted to a higher level when accompanied with a detailed miniature that is able to impart a tangible sense of reality to these creations.

I do hope that when you receive any one of these macabre miniatures that same feeling is shared with you and all those who get the chance to experience your Roleplaying Tabletop creations.